How to celebrate National Caviar Day

On July 18, National Caviar Day recognizes a seafood delicacy :Sturgeon Caviar. The day also raises awareness about the survival of the sturgeon.

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Caviar is Sturgeon fish eggs. There are several species of Sturgeon fish.  As a result, the caviar produced varies in colors depending on the species. Caviar is full of protein and vitamins making the delicacy a healthy meal.  


How to celebrate this day?

 At Caviar Lover we recommend these types of Caviar so that you can enjoy these delicacies on National Caviar Day.


  • Limited Edition Diamond Ossetra:

    The diamond Ossetra is one of our most rare and unique caviar for which its color is piercing gold with a taste that is impeccably smooth and creamy, leaving you with your most memorable caviar experience you could imagine. 

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  • Beluga Caviar

     Still the most famous of the caviar, our Beluga Hybrid will not disappoint. Well known for its large pearlescent gray eggs and full bodied and rich flavor with very creamy texture and long finish. The Huso Huso sturgeon, indigenous to the Caspian Sea are the largest of all sturgeon species, growing up to a tonne in the wild. The fish are caviar mature at 18 years old and it is this time that gives the roe its truly unique characteristics. Still considered the best caviar available. Perfect for that extra special treat.

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  • Sevruga Caviar

    This Sevruga sturgeon (acipenser stellatus) caviar, is exceptional for National Caviar day. Cured in the traditional Russian Malossol technique by expert caviar producers, Sevruga is a true delicacy with a pronounced yet smooth flavor. The dark, steel-gray color and small-to-medium pearls are full of delicious caviar flavor and wonderful notes of brine in every bite, making it a popular choice for lovers of classic caviar.

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  • Kaluga Premium

    The Kaluga caviar has large-sized eggs, a light brown/golden color, and creamy/buttery flavor. Our Kaluga caviar mimics the Beluga in size of egg, color and taste, and is derived from Huso Dauricus and Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeon species. With the largest grain and most delicate in flavor of sturgeon eggs, Kaluga Selection Caviar has a nutty flavor with buttery overtones and its color varies from medium to dark brown with a clear glossy finish.

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  • Premium white Sturgeon Caviar

    The White Sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in North America and is the third largest species of the Sturgeon, after the Beluga and the Kaluga. With large, light to dark brown pearls and a nutty flavor, our White Sturgeon Caviar is sure to please even the most discerning caviar connoisseur. White Sturgeon caviar is farm raised and produced in the USA and Italy, and is derived from the Acipenser Transmontanus species of sturgeon.


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the celebration of this day? Caviar for everyone! Impress your guests and impart some fish roe knowledge upon them as they dive into this appetizer experience. It’s a perfect excuse to use fine dinnerware and make great conversation.


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