How to buy Osetra Caviar?

Osetra Caviar is a synonym of elegance and exquisiteness. If you’re thinking about buying this type of Caviar for a special occasion or just giving yourself a treat, you’re more than a beginner at Caviar knowledge. There are many different types of Caviar. They all vary in availability, price and flavor. Each one has a unique color and taste. From buttery to nutty, you can find what you are looking for. But today Osetra Caviar is in the leading role. 

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First, you should learn some basics. Originally found in the Caspian Sea, Osetra Caviar is one of the three key species of sturgeon fish from which one of the best Caviar is traditionally harvested. The Osetra sturgeon is known to be one of the finer caviar’s on the planet and some believe it to be the best Caviar in the world. It comes from the Russian Sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) and is at least the second most well-known Caviar in the world just behind Beluga Caviar. Osetra Caviar is also considered by many  Caviar connoisseurs to be one of the most flavorful and sought-after Caviars on the market. 


There are many  choices of Osetra Caviar available to try but they share a similar nutty, buttery taste, although the grains can  vary in color from black to gold to almost translucent depending on the variety. Osetra Caviar is said to have the most variety in terms of flavor, size, and color, as the taste of the eggs depends heavily on the environment in which the fish feeds. This type of Caviar is known for having a nutty, almost creamy walnut taste, and a pleasing burst that shares the bold flavors of the sea. The eggs usually range in color from black to dark brown with flecks of gold or even white on rare occasions. 


There are key facts that make Osetra Caviar so highly valued in the market. Initially, the fish from which this type of Caviar comes is found in the Caspian Sea. Osetra is one of the three key sturgeon species from which one of the best Caviar is traditionally harvested. This makes Osetra Caviar one of the most valued and admired Caviar types, along with Beluga and Sevruga Caviar.


So, you know what it is and why it is so remarkable. How to buy it?  Ordering your Caviar from a reputable and trusted source online is the best way to ensure direct-to-consumer top quality, world-caliber flavor without the added cost of a middleman-seller or the ambiguities of questionable freshness. Caviar Lover offers you a great selection of Osetra Caviar all available in our online store in multiple sizing options. Our Osetra Caviar variety includes: 

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You may be wondering how to serve it. The first step in serving Caviar is finding an Osetra Caviar that suits your needs. (This step is completed once you make your pick from the list above) This Caviar can be enjoyed with many elements. Traditionally it is filled with blinis or toast. Sour cream and creme fraiche are optional. Chefs around the world use Osetra Caviar to fill many seafood dishes and even for some meat preparations. Salads can also be served with this type of Caviar.


Osetra Caviar is also the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to a special dinner or impress guests with an exciting gourmet dining option. Caviar is usually eaten raw as an appetizer accompanied by chopped onion and bread and butter. Likewise, Caviar can be added to cooked dishes such as pasta, baked potatoes, blinis, and creme fraiche.

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It’s time to talk about pairings. Caviar is perfectly complemented with vodka and champagne and provides a sparkling combination for Caviar overs. Champagne helps to cleanse your palate. Its sourness, sweetness, and babbles are all amazingly balanced, and its acidity brings out the optimal flavor of salty and aromatic caviar while eating. As vodka is odorless, it is very suitable to pair with very strong, premium, and rich-flavored Caviar. The explosiveness of vodka will unleash the caviar taste, making it more appetizing.

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Do you want to store your Caviar the right way at home? Keeping your Caviar at normal fridge temperature is absolutely fine but ice, ice and more ice is the key to extracting the true unctuous, rasping yet silky explosion of flavour when you finally get it out and serve it.

Congrats! You made it this far and now you know all the basics about Osetra Caviar. Visit our online store and pick your favorite. If you want to stay longer, check our complete selection of Caviar, seafood, meats, specialties and gifts. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you around!