How to accompany and serve Caviar

There are many ways to accompany and serve Caviar as much as  types of Caviar exist. According to the classic Russian tradition, Caviar accompaniments are bread and butter. Moreover, if you try Caviar for the first time try on bread (blinis or crackers). For serving, this Russian style recommends the best spoons  used to serve Caviar are mother-of-pearl pearl spoons, bone, horn, glass, or plastic, because metal spoons may change the taste of Caviar. And the list goes on. When it comes to Caviar you’ll find plenty of information about which one is the best, the most expensive, the recipes you need to try, the places where you can buy it and the restaurants you’d love to try. We know this can be confusing, hopefully Caviar Lover is here to help you!

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You already have Caviar at home ready to serve, no matter if it’s imported, domestic or some type of roe you wanted to try, you find yourself wondering How should I accompany this? Make sure you have a pen and a notebook ‘cause these are seven ways to accompany your favorite type of Caviar: 

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  • Caviar by itself:  sometimes for  a truly caviar-eating experience, all you need is a spoon. Preferably a small one made out of mother-of-pearl. Eat it straight out of the tin and enjoy every bite in its purest form.


  • Pizza: Did you imagine a slice of pizza full of Caviar? No! we’re suggesting you eat it on a luxe pizza topped with smoked salmon, crème fraîche and chives.

  • Pasta: Caviar will always be a perfect finish for any classy meal. Try cooking  pasta with plump clams, chilled, delicate capellini and a big spoonful of Caviar.

  • Potato chips: Caviar as a snack is an option worth trying.  Mix crispy, salty potato chips and briny. But if you want to take things to the next level, try layering the chips with Caviar, crème fraîche and thinly sliced scallops.

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  • Scrambled eggs: try a different breakfast with creamy, custardy scrambled eggs, Caviar and toasted challah. And if you’re thinking about what’s for dinner add a salad and  a glass of Champagne. 
  • Onion dip: Give the game-day dip a twist with the simple addition of Caviar. Do you have another dip at home? Try it! It ‘s your choice. 

  • Roasted potatoes: for a small friends reunion at home, the scooped out potato halves filled with Caviar and sour cream are great party hors d’oeuvres.

  • Drinks: Champagne and vodka are classic pairings for Caviar.  Champagne’s acidity and bubbles and vodka’s crisp booziness are perfect pairs for the richness and saltiness of Caviar. Sake, or Japanese rice wine, is another favorite to pair with Caviar and other fish roe delicacies. White wine is also a popular pairing for nearly every type of Caviar, however you have the last word. Choose your favorite and enjoy! 

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So far we’ve given you more than a couple ideas on how to accompany Caviar. Now, the question is how to serve it? Fine Caviar should be served very cold in a non-metallic bowl nested inside a larger bowl filled with ice. Caviar doesn’t freeze until it’s below 28 degrees, so you can store it in the coldest part of the fridge to get it as ice-cold as possible without it actually freezing, which can affect the texture of the roe. 


When serving Caviar avoid metal bowls and utensils, which may impart a metallic taste to the Caviar. Choose servers and utensils made of glass, bone, tortoiseshell, wood, plastic, or to be truly traditional, go for the mother-of-pearl or gold. 


Another tip to keep in mind is etiquette. If you’re around friends, you might not have to worry too much about how to eat Caviar with proper etiquette. However, if you’re at a fine-dining restaurant, you might want to follow proper protocol. First advice is don’t chew the Caviar! ,if you do it you will lose a lot of the flavor. Use your tongue to feel the beads of fish eggs and taste the buttery fat. Second advice is don’t eat too much when served Caviar, instead take small bites. No matter how much you might be tempted by its flavor,  It’s considered gauche to eat more than an ample serving of about 2 ounces, or about two spoonfuls. Start with about a half-teaspoon and really luxuriate in the experience of eating the Caviar.

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So, are you ready to try new ways to accompany and serve Caviar? Start by choosing your favorite type of Caviar from a reputable store. Caviar Lover offers you a great variety of Caviar (Imported and domestic), all available in our online store. Visit Caviar Lover and take your time picking your favorite and It’d be just one click away from your home. We’re looking forward to seeing you again!