Foie Gras Martini

As the afternoon winds down, you may be attempting to decide whether to toast completion of the workweek with beer, wine, or spirits. Can I interest you in a kale or foie gras martini rather? These are real combinations served at upscale restaurants in populous American cities, and the food media shone a spotlight on both today.

A Green Foie Gras Martini!
A Green Foie Gras Martini!

At New York’s new Chalk Point Kitchen, helmed by a Michelin-starred chef, bartender William Bastian is blending “cucumber, celery, lime, lemon, and kale juices (pressed in-house) with ginger beer and apple vodka,” according to Grub Street. In a photo, the $13 cocktail looks like something Poison Ivy might consume and is garnished with a lemon half-wheel.

In Las Vegas, Eater advised us on Wednesday, Andre’s, one of the dining establishments in the Monte Carlo, serves a sludgy-looking emulsification of…

Fresh Foie Gras - Grade A
Fresh Foie Gras – Grade A – 2 Pounds for $116.00

“This extremely popular martini at Andre Rochat’s dining establishment offers for $18,” composes the food blog’s Susan Stapleton. Simply since a libation is served in a martini glass doesn’t mean it’s a martini. And I know I’m not alone in stating that I would much rather drink a real martini– maybe one of the candidates of Slate’s Martini Madness competition– with kale chips or foie gras on the side.

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