Different Types of Caviar

Explore The Different Categories Of Caviar And Its Types

Caviar is a delicacy that consists of salt-cured roe of the family Acipenseridae. People usually love to eat it as a garnish or a spread. The caviar comes from sturgeon roe. It is obtained from species like the Caspian and Black Seas, which include Russian Sturgeon, Persian Sturgeon and Sevruga. But, now it is widely extended to the roe of other sturgeon species such as Sterlet, Kaluga, White Sturgeon, Hackleback, Siberian Sturgeon and others. 

Moreover, there are different types of caviar available in the marketplace. Let’s categorize them and understand the differences between them.


Imported Caviar Types 

Imported Caviar Image


Imported Caviar types are not produced in the USA. This type of caviar is farmed in Europe in their original countries that follow the long caviar tradition. There are various imported caviar products available in the online marketplace. The Russian, Osetra, Siberian and Kaluga Hybrid are the most popular types. 

When you want to choose the ideal type of imported caviar can be tricky. Especially beginners need to be careful with differentiating the imported ones from the other caviar types. There are certain factors to know before purchasing imported caviar. Sometimes, people end up with cheaper caviar due to a lack of knowledge. 

The imported caviar is of the best quality with a slightly salted taste. These are also prepared from the true Malossol. Moreover, it doesn’t have any strong fishy odor. The imported caviar has the subtle essence of the ocean. Moreover, it has a firm and lustrous appearance. The taste and texture can be both buttery and nutty. 


Domestic Caviar Types

Domestic Caviar types are produced in the United States as a result of the overfishing and banning of fish. These are original American Caviar. Some examples of the best domestic caviars are Black/Red Lumpfish, California Premium White, and Paddlefish. The options for domestic caviar are vast.

It offers a delicious and creamy taste. It is the right alternative to the diminishing supply of imported caviar from the Caspian Sea. Moreover, it comes without any moral baggage. Comparing domestic caviar with imported caviar in terms of price is much less expensive than imported ones.


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Cheaper Alternatives To Domestic And Imported Caviar


  • Salmon Roe 

It is famous for its looks. It has got a drooling peach color with sparkle. This can be the best garnish when you spread them over fresh blini or other dishes. It is easily available in Alaska and Russia. Due to the lower price range, salmon caviar is the cheapest alternative. It has a refreshing and succulent flavor with a juicy texture.

  • Trout Roe 

Trout caviar is another beautiful roe product from North America. It is the most preferred option for garnishing different cuisines due to accessibility, affordability, and versatility. This implies that the roe has reached a sufficient stage of maturity. It is much softer than salmon roe and gives a crunchy texture. You can spread it over your bread, pasta, and salads.



Final Thoughts 

Many service providers in the online marketplace supply these different categories of caviar. To meet the demand of every customer based on price, taste and texture preferences, all the types of imported, domestic and cheaper alternatives are available.



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