The 6 Best Complements to Caviar and Fine Food

Here at Caviar Lover, you know us for our outstanding attention to all the little details, freshness and superior customer service when it comes to fine foods like caviar, foie gras and truffles, but did you know we also sell all the complements that go with those food items?


Items like honey, preserves, oils and vinegar bring out the inherent flavor of our meats, seafood, and more to make a truly unique tasting experience.

Serving you in the gourmet foods business for three decades, we here at Caviar Lover have been growing our business steadily thanks to you, our valued customers.

We specialize in caviar, but we do so much more than that. All of our foods are shipped fresh and quickly to your door. Check out our complementary products that bring out the flavor of your fine foods:

  1. Honey and Preserves: white truffle honey, apricot preserve, strawberry and peach
  2. Salts and Spices: salt plate, black/white truffle salt, citrus/lemon flake sea salt, squid ink, salmon with white truffle cream, Spanish saffron filaments, whole black garlic
  3. Oils and Vinegars: lemon olive oil, black truffle EVOO, balsamic vinegar, and oils flavored with hazelnut, walnut, grapeseed and almond.
  4. Dried Fruits and Nuts: pistachios, pine nuts, walnut halves, dried mango slices, sliced almonds, and dried apricots.
  5. Blinis and Crème Fraiche
  6. Wild Hibiscus: A great garnish in champagne, each jar contains 50 Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup. A small flower is placed in the glass’ bottom giving off bubbles, which allow the petals to open up. When you are done your champagne, you can even eat the flower infused with raspberry and rhubarb flavor.

Our team is committed to providing you with the freshest caviar the world has to offer.

As your number one online source for the finest foods, you get peace of mind knowing we never promote anything that is anything less than authentic and fresh.

It’s our pleasure to take the time to hand select, pack and ship your order so it arrives fresh when you want it. This is often the very next day.

With offices three global offices, we supply our fine foods to places like fancy hotels and restaurants, cruise lines and gourmet food shops, and even straight to your home – since 1984.

If you’re hard pressed to find something for that special someone, we sell a wide spectrum of beautiful gift baskets filled with caviar and related fine food items so you don’t have to worry about thinking up the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays. Caviar Lover is a stickler for ensuring your 100 percent satisfaction. You can count on us as your direct source for caviar and fine foods because we make it our mission to deliver the highest quality every time.

Order today for your next party, gathering, or romantic evening in.

Our Specialty Foods include: Fruit Purees, Oils, Vinegars, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Glace, Demi Glace, Souvid, Sausages, Blinis, Crème Fraiche, Escargot, Salts, Spices, Honey, Preserves, Wild Hibiscus, Gourmet Gift Baskets, Caviar Servers and Accessories.