Champagne or Vodka with your Caviar

With its remarkable capability to turn any event into a party, caviar is typically served with one of 2 timeless libations: vodka or Champagne.

An age-old Russian tradition, the pairing of vodka and caviar is customary throughout the world of gastronomy. Like wine and cheese, they are the ideal complements to one another. Served ice cold, vodka has a subtle flavor that permits the distinctive taste of caviar to prevail.

champagne or vodka with your caviar
Vodka and Caviar

Pick a high-quality traditional brand and make sure it is well chilled, at least 4 hours or as long as over night. (Vodka can be kept forever in the freezer; it will not freeze however does become syrupy.) Serve vodka directly, in chilled tumblers or vodka glasses, or over ice, if wanted.

Daniel Boulud, executive chef of New York City’s advertised Dining establishment Daniel, sometimes serves lemon-flavored vodkas with his caviar. Another option is to swirl a freshly cut strip of lemon passion in a glass of quality vodka. The revitalizing citrus taste matches the caviars saltiness without overpowering it.

The savory saltiness of caviar finds another best counterpoint in the clean, crisp taste of Champagne, preferably a dry, yeasty one with undertones of citrus taste. And when serving these terrific epicurean enjoyments, by all means buy a set of great glass flutes and a wine bucket to keep the bottle chilled.

Champagne or Vodka with your Caviar
Champagne & Caviar

Chef Boulud advises a dry white wine as a replacement for Champagne if you are serving caviar with a dish. Good options include a crisp white Burgundy, such as Chablis, Pouilly-Fuissé or an austere New World Chardonnay. Any rich, oaky wine would only mask the fragile flavor of caviar.

Whether you select vodka or champagne you are bound  to enjoy the best caviar available, and you can order it now and select any of our caviar selections.