Recipe: Caviar Topped Smoked Salmon

A new, popular caviar recipe this season, thanks to the Oscars’ Governors Ball, is caviar-topped smoked salmon on a blini with crème fraîche. Wolfgang Puck prepared them to look like Academy Awards for the 2016 Oscars, but for every other occassion, a tray full off standard delicious blinis will do the trick.

To feed 10-15 people, the following ingredients will be needed:

1 – Caviar (~8.75 oz)
2 – Bags of Smoked Salmon Party Slices (5 oz each)
2 – 30ct Blinis
2 – Crème fraîche (8 oz tub)

The type of caviar you use is completely up to you. It is recommended not too use an extremely high end one, such as the Kaluga selection (although this would work).

As an appetizer for entertaining guests, we find that American Paddlefish or Hackleback Style caviar works best for cost and flavor.

Any smoked salmon will do, but for convenience, we recommend a pack or two of pre-portioned Smoked Salmon Party Slices by Macknight. This pack has perfect, blini-sized slices that will save you the step of portioning and cutting your own.

  • Take a blini and add your sliced smoked salmon
  • Add a portion of crème fraîche that you feel comfortable with on top of salmon
  • Use a mother of pearl spoon to place your caviar of choice on top of the salmon
  • Add garnish of choice (optional)
  • Place the finished product on a serving tray, and you are ready to share!

Whether watching the Oscars or celebrating a Birthday, this quick, gourmet snack is sure to please all in attendance.

Please share your creation with us and any tips you may have for improvements by e-mailing so we can share it with our visitors (please attach an image of the finished product!).