Caviar Gift Ideas for Mom’s Day.

Caviar is the perfect food for celebrating special occasions. On this Mother’s Day Caviar Lover presents you our top picks to celebrate mom on her day. Pick your favorite and be ready to surprise the whole family. 

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Mother’s Day is coming and still looking for the perfect gift? If you want to surprise your mom with a special, exquisite and one of a kind gift, a perfect choice is Caviar. Fill her day with more than just flowers, fill it with elegance and a memory she will cherish. After all, you wouldn’t be here today without her. Caviar is synonymous with luxury but it doesn’t mean you have to empty all of your bank accounts. Caviar is traditionally shared during the holidays, weddings & special occasions. Try Caviar for this Mother’s Day  and it will surely be a topic of conversation for your mother all year long.


Caviar Lover offers you a special gift section with a great variety of products you can choose from. But before showing our top picks for Mother’s Day, we’d like to share with you a few tips on Caviar so once you get it, you’ll serve it as an expert. 

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How to buy Caviar 


When shopping for Caviar, the most important thing is to trust your source. Your seller should be able to tell you about the environment in which the fish live, the water quality and things like pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones are used. Caviar Lover is your perfect choice for high quality Caviar both imported and domestic. Check our Caviar section here! 


How to serve Caviar 


Caviar is ideally served simply and unadorned. If budget allows, serve at least one ounce per person.Its is recommended to serve Caviar in its tin with blinis or buttered, thinly sliced toast points. Crème fraîche, shaved hard-boiled egg and chives may be served alongside.


How to pair Caviar


“Drier is always better with Caviar,”  says Emilie Perrier, beverage director of New York City restaurant Gabriel Kreuther. Champagne and vodka are classic pairings. Champagne’s acidity and bubbles and vodka’s crisp booziness are perfect foils for the richness and saltiness of cured roe. Pair it with your favorite and enjoy a delicious elegant and classy meal. 

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After this introduction into Caviar, we present you three gift ideas for mother’s day available at Caviar Lover. These are only ones from all of the options you can find at our store, we chose a variety of baskets including different products where the main one is, of course, Caviar. Pick your favorite and be ready to surprise your mom!


Prestige Collection Gift Basket


We all have heard best gifts come in small packages. This first basket is prepared with one ounce of  Paddlefish Caviar and one ounce of Royal Siberian Caviar and includes the following products: 


-2 Mother of Pearl Spoons

– 1 Mother of Pearl Server

– 1 Crème Fraiche

– Pack of Blinis

– 1 Paddlefish Caviar (1oz)

– 1 Royal Siberian Caviar (1oz)


* This gift basket doesn’t include beverages but you can pair it with your family’s favorite drink. 


Royal Collection Gift Basket 

Caviar Gift Ideas for Moms Day 4 - Caviar Lover

If Caviar is already known in your family, you may want to pick a higher level package. This basket is prepared with Royal Imperial Caviar and Imperial Ossetra Caviar. These are the full products: 


 -2 Mother of Pearl Spoons

– 1 Mother of Pearl Server

– 1 Crème Fraiche

– Pack of Blinis 

– 1 Royal Imperial Caviar (1oz)

– 1 Golden Imperial Ossetra Caviar (1oz)


Royal Caviar Gift Basket 

Caviar Gift Ideas for Moms Day 5 - Caviar Lover

If you’re more than a beginner when it comes to Caviar, this is what we’d say “Give away to impress” . This gift set includes our signature Royal Imperial Ossetra, Premium White Sturgeon and Paddlefish Caviar. As well as our lovely Mother of Pearl spoon and server are included. The full basket includes: 


-Royal Imperial Caviar 1 oz

-Premium White Sturgeon 1 oz

-Paddlefish caviar 1 oz.

-Creme Fresh 8 oz

-Mother of Pearl Spoon

-Mother of Pearl Dish

-Pack of Blinis


At Caviar Lover, you can buy your favorite gift basket for Mother’s day and also,find a great variety of Caviar and this Promo. Visit us and discover everything we have for you! 

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