Caviar for mom

The blooms of spring on the second Sunday in May births Mother’s day in the US. Alas! There are slightly different customs across the world when marking this event. Here’s a quick guide to help you make this year truly memorable for the lady in your life, Make caviar a great gift for mom

Caviar offers Something to be remembered
Do you know you can begin a Mother’s Day tradition on your own? Caviar is a gift to remember. Mothers love a memorable gift and will keep on talking about this gift all year long. Although Caviar is presently traditionally shared during weddings, holidays and some special occasions, many people have not thought about how sweet it will be to gift it on Mother’s Day. You can start the wonderful trend. You can make your mum happy by surprising her with any number of selections of Caviar from Caviar Lover.

Check out its uniqueness
Caviar sets the standard. There are many other obvious and fantastic gifts but as the years roll on, they have become all too obvious and somewhat too common although they might never go out of fashion. You can ignite the creativity within you or stick with what always works. It’s a choice. But if you desire something different for your loved ones and especially your mum, this Mother’s Day may be the perfect opportunity you have been waiting for. You can throw a surprise party featuring domestic caviar on cucumbers with white wine or sparkling water. Potato chips or French fries topped with caviar could possibly be a unique gift for Mother’s Day she’s received. Try something new and be eventful.

Speak of healthy living
Caviar is not only a memorable gift, neither does it only define luxury, but it is also very healthy! Think of this perfect combination of memory, luxury, and health this Mother’s Day and zoom off to Caviar lover to get the perfect gift for your mother. Caviar is literally full of health benefits. It is loaded with all the right vitamins that act as antioxidants and keep the cells alive and healthy. It has anti-aging properties. I mean, how does ‘anti-aging’ sound? Great, I bet! Caviar is packed full of Vitamin B12 in an amount that is 10 times more than chicken egg which is considered as nature’s multivitamin. Fish eggs contain 10 times or more Vitamin B12 than chicken eggs.

And much more…
This important vitamin is a component of numerous reactions that protect our genes thereby reducing mutations, enhance cognitive function thereby warding off dementia and also preventing cardiovascular disease. This, of course, is of great benefit in order to prevent some woes associated with old age. Vitamin B12 is also vital for the body to produce healthy red blood cells. With healthy red blood cells, other cells in the body become oxygenated and full of life and vitality. It also is needed for proper nerve function and DNA synthesis.

Caviar is not only rich in vitamin B12 but also in other vitamins of importance like Vitamin A for healthy skin, Vitamin B2 & B5 for healthy nerve function, relief of stress and prevention of migraines and vitamin D to boost the immune system.

With all these important benefits of Caviar, this is no ordinary surprise but a healthy one!
Why not check out some wonderful caviar meals at caviar lovers and give your mum the gift she deserves!

Caviarlover offers the most exquisite caviar types. Check them out

1. Beluga Hybrid Caviar – Consider this option If you are looking forward for an extra special treat. There are unique set of characteristics in Beluga Hybrid Caviar, which cannot be found in other types.

2. Kaluga Caviar Selection – This type of caviar is associated with the highest grain content. In addition, you will be able to discover the most delicate of flavors as well.

3. Royal Imperial Caviar – It is a highly appreciated variety of caviar. They are in a position to deliver an exquisite golden flavor and as the name implies, are royal!

4. Crown Russian Ossetra Caviar – This is a freshly farmed variety of caviar. Speak of fresh caviar!

5. Siberian Ossetra caviar – It has a crispy nutty and a clean flavor.

These caviars are thoughtfully packaged for you in luxury boxes. We believe, you now have a better understanding on different variants of caviar available. You can order right away, as it will be our pleasure to make and send you the finest caviar in the world.