Caviar cures depression?

Historically, the question has always been, does caviar cures depression?

No, not because of its succulent, exotic taste or that feeling you get when you purchase a fresh jar or tin of your favorite caviar or roe. There is actually a scientific reason for it: Caviar is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, which different studies have shown help alleviate depression. Research also suggests that the fatty acid omega-3 could also benefit people with rheumatoid arthritis, stomach/digestive issues, as well as certain cancers.

Caviar (and salmon) is considered to be one of the top 10 foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, containing 6789mg per 100g, making it the perfect supplement to any diet for someone suffering from depression.

caviar cures depression

Does Caviar Cures Depression?

“We know that omega-3 benefits your body, and there is certainly enough evidence to suggest there is at least something there to improve state of mind,” states Andrew Stoll, MD, who directs the psycho-pharmacology study lab at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Mass. “Almost every patient in my practice has actually tried [fish oil] supplements, and most are still on them.”.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A serving of salmon includes about a gram of omega-3. Particular brand names of eggs are likewise rich in omega-3, and flaxseed and walnuts are likewise excellent dietary sources.

While some heart studies suggest that food sources are more protective than supplements, many people in this nation get extremely small amounts of omega-3 in their everyday diets. In that case, Stoll advises and prefers supplements and that people take vitamin E and C as well. He has actually composed a book on the health benefits of omega-3 titled The Omega-3 Connection. “Omega-3 is not meant to replace other medicines for depression,” Stoll shares. “But the proof is mounting that it can play a function in treatment. And there is no downside to eating an omega-3-rich diet plan.”

So to answer the question, “Does caviar cures depression?” The answer is no, but the nutrients it provides, such as Omega-3, do helps alleviate depression and bipolar disorder.

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