The Best Employee Gift Ideas (That Aren’t Fruit and Nuts)

Your Employees Are Tired of the Fruit and Nuts. Here are the Best Employee Gift Ideas 

employee-gift-ideas Whether it’s for a birthday, the upcoming holidays or for a perfect project outcome, employee gift ideas are often elusive. Frankly, most employees expect the typical fruit and nut package or gift certificate. A savvy way to switch things up is with a few non-traditional holiday gift basket ideas. The gift basket ideas for employees is a unique and thoughtful way to let your staff know that they are appreciated.  It begins with evaluating your options for employee gift ideas and then checking out the range of holiday gift basket ideas that are available. 

While you are shopping around for the perfect employee gift ideas, consider the following options that can be easily personalized to suit your employees taste.

Caviar Lover Employee Gift Ideas

holiday-gift-basket-ideasFor an elegant gift, select from a number of caviar gift boxes or gourmet gift baskets with cus
tomization options that we are sure will delight the palate of your most highly favored employee. Among others, Caviar Lover offers:

  • Prestige Caviar Duo with two ounces each of Royal Imperial Caviar and Imperial Russian Osetra Caviar, two Mother of Pearl Spoons, Russian style blinis and Crème Fraiche completes this ultimate gift.
  • Royal Collection Gift Basket includes one ounce each of Royal Imperial and Golden Imperial Osetra Caviar, a Mother of Pearl Server and two spoons, Crème Fraiche, French Blinis, Wild Hibiscus and Fruit Temptation Belgian Milk Chocolate Bar.
  • Classic Caviar Duo or Triad gift boxes are crowd favorites. Our Caviar Duo include two ounces each of American Hackleback Turgeon and Royal Siberian Ossetra Caviar, Mother of Pearl Spoons, Blinis and Crème Fraiche.

Our Triad gift box boasts one ounce each of Royal Siberian Osetra Caviar and American Hackleback Sturgeon in addition to the Mother of Pearl spoons, Blinis and Crème Fraiche.

  • Gourmet Lovers Gift Basket offers an array of epicurean delights. It includes a diverse collection of gourmet treats such as Summer Truffles, Truffle cream, truffle flour, strawberry, hazelnut and Lemon honey.  Described as “diamonds of gourmet food” our Black Summer Truffles in our gift basket are sliced and preserved in olive oil and salt.  They pair well with tortellini or tagliatelle pasta, pancakes or rice as well as with meat, fish and omelets.  The addition of our scented white truffle flour and summer truffle cream imported from Italy has also been known to inspire elegant gourmet creations.

The rich creamy texture of our Lemon Honey with is infused the juice and tiny bits of lemon pulp.  Our Hazelnut honey’s deep golden tone and caramel texture is derived from the addition of full-bodied hazelnut paste.  Velvety sweet Strawberry Honey heightens the pleasure of anything it tops.

All our honeys are produced in the Province of Pesaro e Urbino in the Italian region of Marche. We’re sure your employee will enjoy the pleasure of drizzling our honeys on toast, desserts, in hot tea or to enhance the flavor of any dish with the essence of honey.

  • Gourmet Cooks Gift Basket is an exquisite gift for any employee. It includes everything a gourmet cook needs to explore their creative cooking ideas or to impress their guests such as Black Truffle Olive Oil, Rougie Mousse of Duck Foie Gras, Black Truffle “Tartufata” Sauce, Black Truffle Cream, Honeys that are individually infused with Strawberry, Hazelnut and lemon, Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Porcini Dried Mushroom and Natural Crisp Crackers.

For more employee gift ideas or for holiday gift basket ideas such as our exotic caviar gift basket visit our Caviar Lover online resource.  You can also learn more about caviar and find interesting tips and recipes for using caviar by being a frequent visitor at our Caviar Lover Facebook page.