Bemka Corporation

Bemka Corporation,  is gearing up to celebrate its 30th year in the caviar and fine foods industry. Established in Belgium in 1984, Bemka Corporation. began as a distributor of Iranian Caviar and diversified into other gastronomic products such as Truffles, Foie Gras, and other specialty items. Bemka was the first company in Belgium to supply Beluga and other fine Iranian caviar directly to Michelin awarded restaurants and chefs.

Following the traditional European enthusiasm for all things gastronomically indulgent, Max Moghaddam, founder and owner of Bemka Corp, takes great pride in the evolution, expansion and success of the company. “I am honored and proud to have been able to personally select and provide the highest quality caviar and fine food products to my customers for 30 years.” He said in an interview last week. Product quality and pricing have always been his main focus, and the key to Bemka’s success. By personally selecting the products he offers, travelling the world, buying direct from a variety of producers both large and small, he has been able to provide products of superior quality and prices that have often made his competition sweat. “I want my customers to have the best quality available, anywhere, but I also want them to get a deal. That is the most important.”

With this business theology in mind, Moghaddam expanded Bemka into the United States in 1997. With a United States hub in Miami and the Belgium branch holding strong in Europe, Bemka became an international powerhouse. Importing caviar, including the famous Beluga in Europe and its close relative, River Beluga in the United States,  Bemka now boasts international distribution of caviar from eight countries. By establishing direct relationships with companies ranging from famous Foie Gras manufacturers such as Rougie and Hudson Valley, to small family owned manufacturers of fresh truffles in Alba, Italy, Bemka’s gastronomic line now includes items both imported and domestic, adding smoked fish, Glace products, specialty oils, saffron, specialty mushrooms, nuts, fruit purees, and specialty meats and seafood to the ever-holy trinity of Caviar, Truffles, and Foie Gras.

After 30 years, and with international distribution firmly established, Bemka still retains the values and service of a family owned and operated business. Many of Moghaddam’s employees have been with the company for over a decade, and Moghaddam and his wife, Zoe is involved in every aspect of daily operations. Although Bemka deals directly with cruise lines, fine hotels, and Michelin awarded restaurants and chefs, anyone is welcome to visit the facility and browse the delicious wares in the retail front, which is attached to Bemka’s impressive warehouse and processing facility.