A How-To Guide to serving Smoked Salmon

How to serve smoked Salmon? Is it a good match with Caviar? No worries! Here’s the perfect guide if you’re a rookie and want to learn the essentials quickly.

A How To Guide to serving Smoked Salmon COVER - Caviar Lover

Thinking about surprising your friends at a home dinner or preparing a special meal with a special someone? Maybe you just want to try new cooking skills; Salmon sounds perfect for all of the above. Even though you can have Salmon on a fresh cut or cooked in the oven,  Smoked Salmon is one of the most popular ways to eat this delicious fish. It’s worldwide known for being consumed as a luxurious meal during celebrations and holidays. 

The smoking technique is a process that allows fish to be kept longer and also provides a unique flavor that is quite pleasant for many. So why not have Smoked Salmon instead of regular Salmon? Caviar shows up as the perfect match for this star ingredient. There are different types of Caviar you can serve with smoked Salmon: imported Caviar, domestic Caviar, or even fish roe. In case of need for suggestions on mixing them, here’s a list of five different ways to serve Smoked Salmon and Caviar. 

1. Roll it up!

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Simple, tasty, and perfect for any occasion. Cut rectangle slices of Smoked Salmon and wrap them around creamy fresh cheese. Add Caviar on top for an elegant finish. Which one? Visit our website and find all the Caviar selections we have for you. Imported Caviar or domestic Caviar It’s your choice! 


2. Get crispy

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Smoked Salmon and Caviar go perfectly with an excellent salty base. Get potatoes and some sea salt. Then, just put everything in place and finish with your favorites spices. 


3.The perfect appetizer 

A How To Guide to serving Smoked Salmon 2 - Caviar Lover

A great meal starts with a great appetizer. Use rye bread and cut diagonally in half, add some chive, watercress and at last, Caviar! And what about the drinks? Caviar goes perfectly with alcoholic beverages. Vodka and champagne are the best two choices. According to traditional Russian cuisine, having cold vodka with Caviar is the best pair. Try it and find it for yourself. 


4. Get italian 

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When in doubt, make pizza. Smoked Salmon is the main ingredient and on every slice, add a touch of your favorite type of Caviar. Still, need a recipe? Check to browse Smoked Salmon pizza at yummly.com or try another Cooking search, the website for recipes and more cooking by The New York Times.   


5. All that you want


If you want to keep it classy and cool, get aboard. You’ll be able to offer a meal with options for everyone. Make sure to have bread, tomatoes, red onions, mustard, radishes, cream cheese, Smoked Salmon, and different types of Caviar. 


Now, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll get to choose from these options the one that fits your taste and needs. Once you master the basics, you’ll be the life of the party at every meeting. Buying online makes this goal more comfortable. At Caviar Lover, our types of Caviar and Smoked Salmon are just one click away from your kitchen. You can also visit our sale and know everything we have for you.