5 Christmas luxury gifts to surprise

5 Christmas luxury gifts to surprise COVER - Caviar Lover

What is better, give away, or what do they give you? Be that as it may, at Caviar Lover, we have made a selection of 5 unique gifts to surprise you this Christmas.


Christmas 2020 is just around the corner, and it is time to think about others. And, why not, about yourself: It’s time for gifts. That is why we want to tell you about five luxurious and exclusive offerings to give to your loved ones. What would Christmas be without presents? Sign up for our selection of 5 luxury gifts to surprise these holidays.


In Caviar Lover, we will show you a different option to surprise and the best gifts that will please your palate, and whoever receives it.


know our gifts:


1.Our first choice for you. It’s the Royal Collection Gift Basket

5 Christmas luxury gifts to surprise 1royal collection - Caviar Lover

This option is lovely. Why? It will be the ideal complement for the Christmas dinner, and surely you will be able to surprise that person with an exclusive and different gift since they will be able to taste 2 of our best caviar. It will surely be the ideal opportunity to taste caviar and make your loved one’s dinner the best of Christmas dinners.


This Christmas basket includes:


– 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons

– 1 Mother of Pearl Server

– 1 Crème Fraiche

– Pack of Blinis – 1 Royal Imperial Caviar (1oz)

– 1 Golden Imperial Ossetra Caviar (1oz)


  1. Let’s move on to the second gift: Caviar, caviar, and more caviar. Why is it a good option for this Christmas? Caviar is always a good option, whether it is to give away or consume with your loved ones on this holiday. Check out everything that includes, Simply Caviar Gift Basket: 

5 Christmas luxury gifts to surprise 2 SIMPLY CAVIAR - Caviar Lover

-White Sturgeon Caviar 1 oz

-Whitefish Caviar Gold 1 oz

-Trout Caviar 1 oz

Truffle Caviar 50g

Tobiko Red 4 oz

-French Mini Toasts 2.82 oz

-Creme Fraiche 1.25 oz

Mother of Pearl Spoon


3.Make an impact this christmas season when you give an awe-inspiring Royal Caviar Box. Your gift will speak volumes about prestige and excellence. The gift box is then sealed with a tasteful ribbon and delicately placed in insulated packaging ready to be shipped.

5 Christmas luxury gifts to surprise 3 royal CAVIAR - Caviar Lover

Royal Caviar Gift Box triad Includes the following items:


-Royal Imperial Caviar 1 oz

-Crown Russian Ossetra Caviar 1 oz

-Royal Siberian Ossetra Caviar 1 oz

-2 Mother of Pearl Spoons

-French Mini Toasts 2.82 oz Pack

-3 Crème Fraiche 1.25 oz mini tubs


4.Here comes one of our favorite gift boxes, and we are sure that when your loved ones try it, they will be just as fascinated. The Flight caviar tasting will allow you to test your palate. With this option, the recipient of this gift will be able to experiment with six different half-ounce jars of our best-selling caviar.

5 Christmas luxury gifts to surprise 4 CAVIAR FLIGHT - Caviar Lover

This set includes:


1- Royal Imperial caviar (1/2 oz)

1- Beluga caviar (1/2 oz)

1- Crown caviar (1/2 oz)

1- Royal Siberian Ossetra caviar (1/2 oz)

1- California white Sturgeon caviar (1/2 oz)

1- Hackleback caviar (1/2 oz)

2- Creme Fraiche (1.25 oz Ea)

2- Mother of Pearl spoon 

1- French Blinis canape (16 count)


If you decide to buy this great Christmas gift, remember this tip to taste Caviar FLIGHT

There is no “right” or “wrong” way to taste a caviar flight. However, specific methods can make the tasting experience a little easier and help you get the most out of your caviar flight. You will often see caviar in a flight arranged from light to dark. Eating the caviar on your flight in a specific order, like starting light in color and ending dark, can enhance the tasting experience.


5.Finally, we cannot leave without telling you about a unique option, designed only for the Christmas season.

5 Christmas luxury gifts to surprise 5 - Caviar Lover

At Caviar Lover, we design a special promotion. What does this promotion include? A 25% discount on all our caviar using the code SANTA25. 


If you want to find out what else this special edition includes, we invite you to visit this link  “Seasons Greetings” and find out everything we have for you.


We hope that these ideas will be of great help to know what to give at Christmas. The most important thing about this gift offer is that it is something different and Luxury. We already know that one of the things that make people happier is food. Do not hesitate to give joy this Christmas with Caviar and the best caviar that we offer you at Caviar Lover.


Do not forget to visit our website to make your purchases safely.


Merry Christmas! We wish you the Caviar Lover team.